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Transurethal Resection of the Prostate (TURP) without informed consent and without any medical necessity

Retrograde ejaculation


Forced sterilization

The slice and dice (we cut you up for no good reason)

Ruptured testicles

Never-ending pain in your genitals

We perform these services all in one single session which will really FUCK YOU UP.



Harvey A. Konigsberg


R. Michael Kroeger


Peter M. Gordon


Jon J. Morton


Steven C. Koukol


Gernon A. Longo


Stephen S. Lim


Patrick B. Leu


John M. Donovan


Brett C. Hill


All of the doctor-butchers at the Urology Center PC chose to practice their butchery in Nebraska because the legislature and the judiciary in that state allow “doctors” to commit malpractice with virtual impunity. The hurdles to suing these scumbags are onerous beyond belief.




Recording of the Confession

  Listen to the audio track below to hear Dr. Gernon Longo confess to malpractice. Dr. Longo admits to performing the wrong operation on a patient and then lies to the patient about the permanent side-effects of the procedure. Dr. Longo refuses to accept responsibility for drilling into the scrotum of a patient who did not need surgery. This cavalier attitude toward malpractice is pervasive at the Urology Center where medical ethics mean nothing and failed and unnecessary surgery are just a part of the daily routine; they are never a matter of conscience. A patient at the Urology Center is not a person; he is a piece of meat. Listen to the audio here.  

Transcript of the Confession

In the following transcript L denotes words spoken by Dr. Longo and P denotes words spoken by the patient. The most revealing passages are highlighted in BOLD and ITALICS. At the time of this conversation, the patient was unaware that his urinary ailment had been completely misdiagnosed by Dr. Longo and that the invasive procedure performed on him by Dr. Longo had no chance of improving his medical condition or relieving the symptoms of it. Had the patient, who was relying on the medical opinion of Dr. Longo, been aware that he had just been butchered for absolutely no reason, he would not have been as cordial during the conversation that is transcribed below. A later examination, performed by a competent urologist (by definition not a doctor at the Urology Center), revealed that, at the time of the operation performed by Dr. Longo, the patient was suffering from abacterial prostatitis. Prostatitis is only an inflammation of the prostate gland and is treated by the administration of drugs, not by drilling through and reaming out an otherwise healthy prostate gland.

L. Hello, Jon.

P. Hello, Doctor.

L. How are you?

P. Not very good.

L. What’s the matter?

P. My condition is worse now than it was before the operation.

L. Well, that’s because it takes time to heal, Jon.

P. I still have that urgency.

L. That’s because it’s still healing. It’s raw in there.

P. Sometimes I have to rush to the bathroom and don’t quite make it.

L. It takes 30-90 days to heal.

P. It’s been 6 weeks, almost 7 weeks.

L. It’s been about a month.

P. It’s been…

L. …month and a half.

P. Month and a half and it’s not getting any better.

L. Okay, we’ll try some medication, but when you look at your urine you still have white cells, still have red cells. It’s still raw in there.

P. When we spoke on the telephone a week before the operation…

L. …Yeah.

P. My goal was to get some immediate help. That’s why I was willing to go through a procedure. Because I didn’t want to wait months for the pills to work.

L. I want you to know. I had a lot of trouble communicating with you over the phone. Okay?

P. We should have taken some time to go through…

L. …I tried. I tried calling you. I tried everything.

P. We were on the phone, though.

L. I know. I still got the impression you weren’t registering what I was talking about.

P. Well, we didn’t talk about very much. We were on the phone for five minutes.

L. Well, five minutes would be enough to go over that procedure. But we can’t go back in time if that’s what you want to do.

P. Well, no, but I would have liked to know what the side effects of the procedure are and how long it takes to get some relief because I’m in the same position I was before.

L. You see, I thought we went over all that.

P. We didn’t go over anything.

L. Well, I, you know, my notes don’t say that. Like I said, I just don’t think I was getting through to you.

P. Well, I was on the phone with your nurse first.

L. Yeah.

P. And then you came on the phone.

L. Yeah. I don’t think the nurse felt that way, either.

P. I used the word “immediate”. I was looking for some kind of immediate relief.

L. Well, I don’t have anything like that.

P. Because I wasn’t sleeping and I said immediate relief to her and I said it to you, and then she came back on the phone and she said, well, you come into the office then next week and we’ll do the procedure, and we had spoken about a different procedure.

L. We were talking about a microwave and then you called back and…

P. …I was asking you about that TURP from the beginning and then, I thought…

L. …Then I was confused.

P. She came on the phone and said come in for the microwave and I said, well, which procedure does the doctor want to do now? And she said, well, I’ll go ask him. Then she came back and said, well, it is the TURP.

L. Well, what can we do, Jon? I mean, I can’t go back.

P. I understand that.

L. Okay.

P. But, you know, after going through the procedure and what I have now, I’ll tell you I would not have had it done, because I would have stayed with the pills if I had known that it was going to take months for the procedure to work.

L. It’s not going to take months. It’s going to get better as it heals. It’s not going to be months.

P. It’s already been almost 2 months.

L. I know. It’s still going to heal. I’ve been doing this for 30 years, believe me, some heal slower than others, but they do heal up and the guys are satisfied.

P. And the frequent urination. Is that going to go away?

L. Yeah, that will go away.

P. Tell me about the retrograde ejaculation.

L. Well, when you have climax, semen goes back into the bladder and you urinate it out.

P. Is that a permanent thing?

L. It’ll get better as time goes on, too.

P. I understand, now that I’ve read up on it a little bit, that the muscle that closes off the bladder…

L. …Yeah.

P. It doesn’t. It doesn’t…

L. …No. It tightens up. Okay?

P. Has permanent damage been done to that muscle?

L. Probably not. You just have to see if they recover.

P. But it might not recover?

L. It might.

P. You see, that’s one of the things also I would have liked to have known about.

L. Well, Jon, see that’s why, you know, things weren’t ideal. I want you to know that.

P. Well, they weren’t ideal but the nurse could have told me, if you didn’t have time on the phone.

L. I have time. It’s not a question of me not having time.

P. The nurse could have said…I even asked the nurse if I could come in before the procedure for another exam, and she said no, it’s not necessary, just go to the hospital.

L. Well.

P. She said that to me.

L. Again…I can tell that you’re upset with me and unhappy. And I’m sorry. Okay?

P. It went a little too fast.

L. Well, like I said, I just think you being out and everything, we just didn’t, we didn’t connect like I normally would with a patient.

P. And I understand, because on the phone we didn’t talk about any of the possible outcomes and what the side effects could be.

L. Well, I don’t know why we didn’t. I would always want to do that.

P. We didn’t do that, and because we didn’t do that, I asked the nurse if I could come in before the operation for another exam.

L. I didn’t know that, you know, I really didn’t know that. She may have thought it wasn’t necessary.

P. Well, you know, she said it wasn’t necessary.

L. Well, maybe that’s all. I didn’t know you asked that.

P. And when she said it wasn’t necessary, well, you know, I have a lot of trust that if there’s something that would be unpleasant as a result of the operation or a problem, that you would have told me. Because I didn’t hear anything and she says it’s not necessary, you know, I’m sort of a trusting guy, I went to the hospital.

L. Okay, so I do have a message here that says that you’ve been on the Proscar for two weeks and you said it could take 12 months before it improves…

P. That’s what I read.

L. And you read in the internet about the laser and you asked if I did that. Okay. And you asked if there was another procedure that would work faster and I said you could try the Flomax but you could consider the Laser TUR. The Laser TUR…when it’s healed up you’ll be happy with it. Really, about 90-95 % are really satisfied.

P. But that’s not what you did to me, though.

L. You know.

P. That would have been a different procedure.

L. You know, and you had a very small gland. We didn’t take out a lot of tissue.

P. That’s what your assistant told me, the Mexican guy. He said the gland wasn’t enlarged much at all.

L. Yeah, but it was enough to plug you off.

P. It was enough to do the operation?

L. Yeah. I mean, you were visually obstructed.

P. It’s just that I would have liked to have known about…

L. …But, Jon, what can we do to correct it now?

P. There’s not a whole lot we can do now. I mean, if you say this is all going to heal, that’s good, but…

L. …I think it will.

P. Your assistant told me a little about that retrograde ejaculation after the operation and said, well, it doesn’t change your sexual activity…

L. …No, you should have erections. You should climax. You’ll have semen come out. It may not be the same volume.

P. Nothing comes out now and it…

L. …Well, but it will as it heals and that could take 6 months. It could take a year.

P. Does that usually heal?

L. A small gland. It usually does. It usually does. If you had a 40 gram prostate, no, but small gland, it will be tight. Okay?

P. So that should go back…

L. …Just takes time now.

P. So there’s not necessarily permanent nerve damage done to that?

L. It’s not a question of nerve. There’s no nerves there. It’s just that the semen goes the path of least resistance. So when you climax…that’s why when you have a piss-hard-on it’s hard to urinate.

P. Because that muscle doesn’t close now, that’s what happened?

L. No, it’s not a muscle. It’s the prostate. The prostate will tighten up so the semen goes out the end of the penis when you climax. That’s why you don’t urinate when you have an erection.

P. That should calm down along with everything else?

L. It’ll calm down but it’ll take a while, yeah.

P. I’ll just have to wait then. During the day it’s bad if I have to go to the bathroom every half-hour. It’s hard to work, too, because…I mean I could…

L. …You want to try something like Vesicare and see if that slows you down a little?

P. I could do that.

L. I’ll give you some samples. I’m sorry you’re so unhappy with me. I must admit I wasn’t…I must admit I didn’t think we were connected that good over the phone, you know.

P. Well, it was just a short conversation. It was just more or less…

L. …But I mean, you’ve been in the office for…though I mean…I saw…I guess…I just didn’t…I just didn’t know you were this unhappy.

P. I’m not unhappy if this is all going to calm down and go back to the way it was before.

L. Oh, it should. Honestly, it should.

P. I can live with this. I’m not going to say that… if it’s going to heal and I’m going to go back to the way I was before, then I’m not unhappy.

L. But I think if it heals you should even be better.

P. That would be good. What I was afraid of was that it’s just not going to get better or that retrograde thing is going…I didn’t want any permanent damage done to me. If that was a possibility I would have liked to have heard about that beforehand.

L. Well…

P. If you say it’s not going to be permanent, then…

L. I don’t think it will be. Now there’s…to say every man it isn’t permanent is not correct, but I think with a small gland like yours it should be fine.

P. Then I’ll just have to wait and see.

L. And I don’t know…I don’t know what else to tell you, you know. I mean…I’m not trying to lie to you or give you any false hopes or anything like that, you know. I think we should let this thing heal up.

P. And that should happen within a month or two?

L. Yeah, it should. When I first started practicing, my older partners, they never had a guy back within 3 months. They always made them wait 3 months. ‘Cause it took that long. Retrograde ejaculation…you should still climax and you still should get some semen out.

P. Nothing’s coming out now, and there is a difference in the sensation, too, if I can make that remark.

L. I agree. I think there would be.

P. That’s one aspect of the thing where you say: Well, it’s going to take several months and I’m going to have maybe this permanent damage, maybe I won’t do this now. I’ll just stay with the pills because it’s not something that I can’t absolutely live with.

L. Okay, but see, I didn’t know that. Like I said, I just don’t think we communicated well.

P. We needed to have that conversation…

L. …I know, but we can’t go back. We can’t go back in time.

P. No, we can’t go back in time, so I’m hoping what you say is going to happen, the likelihood it’s all going to revert back to the way it was and then…

L. …I’m hoping it gets better, not reverts back to the way it was. I guess I got the impression you were pretty desperate when you called.

P. That’s why I used the word “immediate”. I was looking for some immediate…

L. I guess when I…got the impression you just weren’t going at all.

P. I wasn’t getting any sleep, and that was my biggest problem. I need to get some sleep. And I’m still not getting any sleep. I wake up every 2 hours. That was the problem, and I needed some relief from that, and I didn’t get it. So actually the reason to have the procedure done at that time, you know, was that.

L. Okay. Well, see, like I said, I just didn’t know. Okay. I didn’t know your…that’s what you wanted. I misinterpreted. I mean I really did. I just missed…I missed...missed it. Okay?

P. All right. Well, let’s just leave it like it is. Let’s see what happens.

L. Okay. I really apologize to you. I didn’t want to hurt you or anything. I thought I was trying to help you, you know. I really meant…I mean that.

P. Well, it’s just important to know the ramifications.

L. I do know the ramifications, you know. I really thought this is what you wanted.

P. I wanted relief, and I didn’t get it. If I knew I wasn’t going to get any immediate relief then I would not have…

L. …Well, okay, I didn’t know that. I really didn’t know that.

P. I know there’s a hustle and bustle of getting you on the phone when I call, and it’s not so easy to forget what you’re doing and pay attention to me…

L. …Oh, no, I try not to do that. I try to give you my…

P. Well, I did tell the nurse. I had a longer conversation with the nurse. I told her…

L. I think she must just have misunderstood you. Okay? All right? I really mean that. Okay? ‘Cause…

P. Because I had explained everything to her before so she could relate that to you because she wanted to know what was going on so she…

L. …I think she just misunderstood you.

P. I explained the thing about the pills. Twelve months. I can’t wait months to get to work.

L. I understand.

P. I’m looking for some immediate relief. And I read there are procedures. And she said, there are procedures, so I said if they can give me some immediate relief, I want to do it. It just didn’t get registered.

L. It just didn’t get registered. Seriously. I’m really sorry. I try to be fair with everybody. I don’t try to do any shenanigans or anything like that.

P. No, I’m not saying there are shenanigans involved here.

L. I really thought this is what we wanted. I must admit I did have a feeling we weren’t communicating very well.

P. I didn’t get through.

L. I kinda had that feeling, but then I thought, well, you’re here, you must…

P. I was here for the reason…

L. ...Yeah, I know. And that’s why we did it. I thought it would relieve your symptoms of frequency and urgency.

P. Possibly it still will.

L. Well, it should. I mean, like I said, the urine shows white cells and read cells which means it’s still inflamed in there.

P. Yeah, well, I can feel that.

L. The inflammation should go down. But seriously, I’ve had guys with small prostates that have a lot of symptoms, I have guys with big prostates that have no symptoms. You see, the size doesn’t necessarily relate to the amount of trouble a guy has.

P. And you experience with the retrograde thing with the small gland?

L. It seems the smaller the gland the neck tightens up and the guys do start ejaculating. You know. You know. It may not be the same volume but there will be some semen that comes out.

P. So this is just a wait and see thing?

L. Yeah. Okay? Do you want to try some Vesicare or something and see if that slows you down a little? Are you in town for long?

P. I’ll be in town for another week.

L. Do you want to try it for a week?

P. I can do that.

L. See how it works. Then you can let me know.

P. That might be good because I really need to get that under control a little bit, because if it doesn’t happen on its own, maybe something might help me out.

L. Okay, let me get you some samples. I’ll be right back.

(2 minute pause while Longo goes to get the pills)

L. I’m going to give you two dosages. One is 5 mg. Start with that. If that doesn’t help, try the 10. Okay?

P. All right.

L. And then maybe, if I’m not here, just leave a number. I’ll call you and get back to you.

P. So this should help in the nighttime also?

L. It should slow you down. You won’t have to go so often. And I’m really sorry, okay? You know I mean that, right? I feel bad. Hopefully, everything will come out good for you.

P. I hope so, too.